Ad Direct serves as a powerful sales and marketing partner

Ad Direct delivers direct marketing services – primarily in the form of direct mail – to clients around the country.
Ad Direct serves as a powerful sales and marketing partner, generating leads through well-designed and executed campaigns.

Ad Direct Delivers Value

Ad Direct delivers value through three strong attributes

1. Strategy

Our team builds direct marketing campaigns that align with your objectives. We marry proven techniques with fresh concepts to generate responses from your target audiences.

2. Turnkey Operations

Ad Direct manages every aspect of the direct marketing process in-house. That means that we control quality at every step, including:

  • Acquiring and Building Mailing Lists
  • Producing Content and Artwork
  • Developing, Printing and Producing Forms
  • Staging and Finishing Lettershop Services
  • Tracking Performance

3. Analysis and Adjustment

Because we control every step in the process and we foster long-term client relationships, we have the advantage of analyzing campaign performance with our clients. We then redirect efforts to strengthen campaigns over time.

With Ad Direct as your ally, you can grow your business wisely, backed by a knowledgeable, experienced team that is focused on your success.